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My thoughts on the “New” in the Year 2014

My thoughts on the “New” in the Year 2014.
As I searched the Word for the word ‘new’ in scripture I find it appears 173x throughout the Old & New Testaments. Staying with the theme of the ‘new’ year    I choose the N.T. Greek word;  kaivoc (kainos) which occurs 44x.

Reading over the verses I see the word “new” being issued over such things as “New” creature, moon, song, wine, wineskin, thing, spirit, covenant, commandment, tongues, man, heaven and earth, Jerusalem.

The very definition in the Strong’s dictionary refers to both New as in form and substance meaning = recently made, fresh, unused, of a new kind, unprecedented, and unheard of.

May I ask, “What are you hoping for in the New?” May you see as you look with the eyes of faith that the hand and heart of God is for you! I declare & proclaim over 2014 that in God’s creative nature He gives both form and substance to the very thing(s) in which you’re asking. May this Year be a New – kind of unprecedented, unheard of, uncommon place in which you reside with Him.

Rev 21:5 reads; then He who sat on the Throne said, “Behold, I make all things new, and He said to me, “write, for these words are True and Faithful”.

Whatever it is you hear the Lord saying, write, write it down, even now.

By: Deborah Somjak ~ 4 Unfolded Hearts

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