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Daily Archives: September 21, 2019

The Lord spoke, “bind a menacing spirit.”

I’ve never spoken these words before, neither do I recall ever¬†hearing them spoken.

As I was preparing for a meeting I began to sense the enemy stir nonsense. As I sought the Lord, His unction came upon me to pray-out-loud and bind a menacing spirit. Shortly after I uttered this prayer a friend from out of state sent a text stating, “I had been on her mind and she¬†prayed for me.” Hmm, this seems timely, I thought. I replied a note of gratitude and mentioned to my friend what I had just prayed. She confirmed this was indeed the Holy Spirit.

If you find yourself in a place of full-bloom, be alert and cover your vineyard (your place of fruit & fullness) from the spoken word of the Lord in the land by “binding a menacing spirit” travail if needed. The Lord is faithful, He will hear your cry and send helpers both earthly and heavenly.

May the Lord be with your spirit and grace to all.


Intercessor Dream – 9/9/2019

Noting: I had this dream, the night, after reading half-way through the book, Will You Intercede? by Derek Prince

You will not fear the terror of night,