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Prayer That Cuts Like a Sword


On the way to church – John and I pray.

First one of us, then the other, generally we never pray at the same time unless the other pray’s quietly in the spirit.

This week John began praying out loud. I felt the unction to keep us covered and I began to pray out-loud we were both praying simultaneously with words of prayers and I sensed a flow of unity happening. They were not lengthy prayers yet I believe effective. I mentioned to John afterward, wow, we usually don’t pray at the same time like that without it being a distraction for the other person but there was real flow happening.

As I was sharing this, I heard the Lord bring the understanding; our prayers had created a double edge sword. After I heard this, I prayed further into the deeper things of the Lord, one being he would cut through principalities, saying, and Now Lord send the SWORD of LORD!

A word at church came forth regarding intercessors and the Sword of Lord! – Powerful.

Heb 4:12; EZK 21

Pray James 5_16 EZK 21

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