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   Isaiah 25 your counsels of old are faithfulness and truth

 Offering guidance, support, and hope designed for women and their circle of influence. It’s important to understand and apply the relevance of God’s word, love and actions in the healing process Ministering in Biblical Counsel and Spiritual Formation.

We are dedicated to providing Biblical counsel and Spiritual formation in a sequence of guidance-prayer services which encompass body, mind and spirit; integrating Biblical truths along with the hope of wholeness.

 Unfolded Hearts Ministry is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

Please be advised we do not see clients for addiction or domestic violence.

Life experience/studies include: We adhere and embrace to the teaching of the Gospel. Having completed training and mentoring in such methods.   Completed studies in Board Certification Program in Biblical Counsel with ACCC, also Certified C.W.G. Facilitator and Personal Spiritual Trainer through Communion with God Ministries.

Strengths: Good listener, trust worthy, loyal, discerning, empathetic, committed, organized, and continues to seek opportunity for growth.

Spiritual Gifts: Encouragement, teaching, intercession, wisdom/knowledge, prophetic.

Please note that we do not offer licensed counseling. We are not medical professionals or therapists, we offer Pastoral-Biblical Counsel with the hope for wholeness according to the Word of God.
If you have been looking for an alternative to clinical counseling then we are that choice.


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  1. Cristie Phillips

    Do you council couples in marriage issues or just individuals? Is this counceling just for pastors ? It’s not clear just what you do from this web site. It sounds like a school and not a counceling service. How expensive is it also? Thank you, Cristie

    • There is a teaching element in which flows as we meet to counsel individuals – generally women between 18-80 years of age.
      Unfolded Hearts Ministry has worked along side of local churches in both providing counsel as well as some teachings when requested such as, Hearing the Voice of God, Boundaries, Prayer and Forgiveness. It is our hope to plan and begin to offer online teachings, as well as making phone sessions available, this coming year. If interested, you or anyone other women are welcome to visit our webpage and simply fill out the ‘contact form’ and we will be delighted to add you to our email list in which you will receive current updates and announcements. If you’d like to learn more regarding counsel you can view our consent to counsel form found at the ‘Resource’ section across the bar and the drop down ‘forms’ section of the webpage. In addition, we have a monthly blog/talk/radio titled Unfolded Hearts-Talk in which you will find topics pertaining to women in both testimonies and teachings that are free as well as downloadable on demand.


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