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Prayer + Journal Entry

I have three simple questions for you.  

What did Jesus do on earth?

What did Jesus teach his disciples to do?

What is Jesus doing now in heaven?

If you answered, Pray or intercede you are correct. It amazes me when I study, read or teach on the subject of prayer both in the scriptures and of those who have faithfully gone before us  praying without ceasing and there are many. Prayer can change numerous things. It helps make our earthly souls fertile to receive heavens answer. Our first purpose in prayer ought to be, to know Him. I want to know Him as I am known by Him. God created each one of us for and with a supreme purpose, it is a part of our destiny to share in His covenant – a covenant of love.  He is a secure base, unchanging in all His ways. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

I literally pray for my husband, children and community nearly every day. Along with a vast of other promptings, request, and  unctions inspired by the Holy Spirit. I am aware that some – perhaps many of my prayers will out live me!

Prayer is ongoing, ever-increasing, and most amazing everlasting.

I’d like to share one of my first journal entries I had written. In 2005 I began a study called, Communion with God through CWG Ministries. I never thought at the time, I would become one of their Certified CWG Facilitators. 

I found a quiet place to read the scriptures listed below.  Along with my bible I had a notebook and pen ready. I was instructed to read noting throughout the covenants of the unchanging desire of God.

Creation (Gen3:8) Nation of Israel (James 2:23, Duet.5:22-31) David (Acts 13:22) Jesus: the full expression of God’s desire ( John17:3) Mary and Martha (10:38) Paul (Phil.3:10) Us (Heb.12:18-26) Eternity (Rev.19:7)

Then I wrote a love letter to Jesus and let Him respond!


Lord Jesus, My majesty, My King, My Divine Supreme Watchman over my life and soul. How is it I’ve found such great and awesome favor that you would incline your ear to my prayer, my heart, my love, my life and my concerns…May my heart ever be inclined to hear from you to live for you – out of every area of my life. May I listen and obey.

His reply:

I hear you…..You are mine, you are mine, you are mine. If I ask, you will give. I know what to ask and how and when you will give, you are mine.

You belong to me, make room for me in your past, present and future and I will make a way for you.






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